Bridal Cinematography For Couples

Because wedding cinematography is a relatively new service offered only by top photography or videography studios in Singapore such as Grandeur, it is not quite as popular as the typical pre wedding photo shoot or actual day videography in Singapore. However, wedding cinematography in Singapore is still rapidly rising in popularity and demand as more couples in Singapore (or foreigners from other countries who want to have their film taken in Singapore) request for such a service.

Just like any other types of service, you always only want to engage the best cinematographers in Singapore (Grandeur Wedding Studio and Reddot Studio does it pretty well in my opinion), if you want your wedding movie to look amazing just like a Hollywood film. I am pretty sure you have watched movies before, and noticed the vast difference in quality between a B-grade movie and a A-grade movie. That is the level of difference as well when you choose to engage a professional for your wedding cinematography experience in Singapore.

Why do I recommend wedding cinematography for couples in Singapore? This is because the quality of companies in Singapore are good and your video taken will look amazing. On top of that, photos can only do so much. The laughter, the fun, the suspense e.t.c. will all not be able to be shown only through photos. However, when it comes to videos, it is very possible! That is the reason why you need to go for a wedding cinematography session.

Do not save your money on this. If you want to save money, then save it elsewhere such as spending less electricity. When it comes to your wedding, it is once in a lifetime and you don’t want to regret not going for something so memorable such as having a wedding cinematography in the future (because you cannot turn back time also).

Going For Whole Wedding Photo And Video Package

If you are going to get married soon, then you might want to read my post carefully because I am going to share with you all the various types of wedding photography and videography you might want to take note of when it comes to your wedding. In short, there are pre wedding photography, wedding cinematography (for pre shoots), actual day bridal photography as well as finally actual day videography. (Or you could simply look for Grandeur Bridal Studio to have everything done for you in their wedding photography / videography packages.)

First of all would be pre wedding photo shoots. This is usually performed several months or at least a few weeks before the actual ceremony itself. This is where couples get creative and either take their images at exotic venues in Singapore or may even fly the photographer overseas just to have their photo shoot session.

Secondly would be cinematography. The main difference between cinematography and videography is that cinematography is like filming and piecing together a movie. This is why it’s usually taken pre wedding, whereas videography is simply stitching together video footage of the actual day events and dinner banquet as well!

Next, would be the actual day wedding photography. This consists of the photographer following you and your fiancee around taking photographs of all of the events happening. This is usually a candid photo shoot where he or she will simply take images by the side and not really ask you to pose unless absolutely necessary.

Finally, it would be actual day videography. As mentioned above, wedding videography in Singapore is usually just the capturing of video footage of actual day happenings and stitching them together. Sometimes, some wedding photography studios such as Grandeur Wedding Studio actually offer services where you could pay extra and have the video ready by your dinner banquet for your viewing as well as your guests.

Taking A Wedding Video

If you are going to get married soon, and have already planned for a wedding photo shoot, be it pre wedding or actual day, I also feel that you should take a wedding video or hire a Singapore wedding videographer. In this post, I share with you why I think you should definitely have a video taken for your wedding ceremony itself – otherwise known as wedding videography.

Alright, enough talking, and down to the reasons why I support having wedding videography for couples in Singapore. Here is why I feel so strongly about this.

A proficient wedding photographer eg would be able to help capture as much of the emoticons you and your fiancee feel in the photographs. However, there are many things that he or she may miss out – e.g. your laughter, voices, talking, environment. There are many things that simply cannot be captured in wedding photographs alone.

To add on, when it comes to actual day wedding ceremony, a photographer alone would definitely miss out certain things. This is due to him or her only being able to take candid photos. This means that there will be certain angles that could be better or certain people reacting that cannot be captured in the wedding photographs.

For all of the above mentioned situations, a wedding videography package in Singapore would be able to help you solve all of the problems you may potentially face.

Just imagine this, if a photograph is worth a thousand words and a well taken wedding video is worth a thousand photos, then it is worth a million words!

Is that not amazing enough?

Additionally, Singapore wedding videographers are all of high calibre and thus capable of taking some amazing videos for your wedding or bridal ceremony and you can reminisce on them for years to come. This way, you and your spouse would then be able to enjoy both photos and videos when reminiscing your initial days together :).

Why Wedding Photographers In Singapore Are Professional

Generally speaking, both bridal studios such as Grandeur Wedding Studio as well as and individual wedding photographers in Singapore are usually very professional.

This is because Singapore is a very small island with a small local population – this means that there are not that many people here. And due to close physical proximity to each other, there is a high probability that most people know each other – thus they will spread both good and bad reviews extremely quickly across the sunny island. Thus, photographers are usually extremely careful about their professional behavior when it comes to their clients and servicing them as well.

So if you are choosing a photographer in the South-East Asia (SEA) region, you would do well by selecting one from Singapore.

What else should you look out for when engaging a wedding photographer in Singapore? There are basically two main points.

First of all, customer service is one of the main things you want to check out about the photographer. This is of utmost importance because some photographers are known to not properly their clients’ photographs after the wedding ceremony or pre wedding photography session is over. This is not good and you don’t want this to happen to you or you would potential risk spoiling a wonderful marriage ceremony memory.

Second of all would be the bridal photographer’s style. This is because every wedding photographer’s style in Singapore would be different from each other. This means that not everyone will like a particular photographer’s style. It is essential that you pick someone who has taken photos which have blown you away totally. This is because you definitely do not want to scrimp when it comes to your wedding photoshoot. This is something which happens once in a life time and cannot be repeated because you cannot reverse time as well. This means that choosing a good wedding photographer in Singapore is a life time investment. Make sure to make the right investment so that you can look back on your wedding photographs with the fondest memories.

Pre Wedding Photoshoots Are The Best

Do you want to know why pre wedding photography is where all the fun lies?

The answer is straightforward and lies right in front of your eyes.

This is because during a pre wedding photography session in Singapore, you and your fiancee as well as the pre wedding photographer would have the time and luxury to actually change in and out of many different attires while having the time to take the photographs of your different poses. Additionally, you would be able to travel from places and move about from different venues in Singapore to have your pre wedding photo shoot taken. This enables you to be much more creative than an actual day bridal photography session (because this is usually only candid shots taken by the engaged photographer). But either way, if you engage a good photography company then no worries about anything 🙂 (Try if you need a recommended bridal studio that specializes in outdoor pre and AD photo shoots)

A pre wedding photography session in Singapore is in direct contrast to actual day bridal photoshoots which are usually either rushed or candid shots. This is because most couples do not have the time and luxury to stop and travel to ‘exotic’ locations in Singapore for their actual day wedding photography.

In addition, when it comes to pre bridal photo shoots, you would also have the option and be able to fly to other countries and have your photo shoot session taken there if the wedding photographer offers such a service – this is usually only possible for pre wedding shots.

Basically, you have a lot more time to carry out your pre wedding photo shoot. This easily allows you to take truly creative images and you do not have to resort to cheesy and outdated looking bridal photographs such as a group of people standing together and taking an image of that.

Instead, you could easily take amazing looking photographs such as going diving in an aquarium and have an image of you and your fiancee kissing underwater. Now, wouldn’t that look simply amazing?

Wedding Photographs – Happy And Magical

Have you ever noticed that newly wed couples always seem to have this nearly magical aura around them? This is because couples in Singapore going to get married and going for their wedding ceremony will be very excited Usually this is called the honeymoon period, and although some couples manage to make this spark last forever (which is beautiful), it happens mostly at the beginning of a relationship – all of the time.

Capturing these moments in a wedding photoshoot session will help you ensure that both you and your spouse remember these moments forever so that you will continue to love each other. So how do you look for the best professional bridal photographers in Singapore?

The following are some of the things you want to make sure the Singapore professional wedding photographer have before hiring or engaging them.

1) Portfolio (make sure they are to your tastes as each professional photographer will have a slightly different individual slant and angle to their pictures) Make sure to look through them. It is important for both you and your fiancee to do this because everyone has different tastes and even your closest friends can have different from you and your fiancee. So make sure to either check out the wedding photographer’s website or his portfolio.

2) Try to read or find out testimonials (if available – on independent sites) about the Singapore wedding photographer. This is important because some of them may take amazing looking wedding photographs but their customer service support may not be as good.

3) Character mix – you want to speak to them before the actual photoshoot. It’s an important shoot of your life and you want to make it beautiful. So make sure that the photographer’s personality and yours mix well or you don’t want to end up being unhappy in the end.

The above are all simple but effective tips in helping you look for the best wedding photographer in Singapore.

I Love Photography

Of course, some people enter the photography arena simply to make money as a wedding photographer going for professional bridal shoots as a living as mentioned in my other post.

However, there are also many pure hobbyists. They simply take photographs, and either learn it professionally or self taught, but they do not take photographs for any kind of commercial reasons at all.

I am the kind which is kind of the middle. I basically take photographs for people, but only for weddings and couples. I have a full time job at a local Singapore SME, but I love taking photographs, going for bridal photography meets etc. I especially love people photo shoots. My favorite photography niche would be pre wedding as well as video for couples getting married, although my specialty is definitely taking wedding images and not videos. I would hope to eventually become one of the best professional bridal photographers in Singapore. That would be a great thing for me to become a great wedding photographer so that I can eventually turn my passion into my career.

I prefer people photos over objects or scenery, thus you may notice that trend too on this blog.

Although this may sound very cliche to some of you , it is really simply because of my love of this trade that made me work hard to take beautiful images to share with the world, I feel that people photography allows me to capture and share the true emotions people are feeling at the moment and keep that memory for my clientele base for as long as possible.

This is because I feel that wedding photographs and videos are the most magical. They happen only once per lifetime and lasts forever. This is why it is very important that I continue working hard for my clients (e.g. you) and improve my wedding photography skills so that you will only get the best bridal photo shoot experience as well as images.

Since we’re at this point, if you wish to contact me to take photos for your event, then make sure to get me through Whatsapp at +65 82940172.

Finding Wedding Photographers In Singapore

Looking for an AD wedding photographer?

Then you clearly need to find a really good one. You can have your maternity shots retaken, your family photoshoot retaken, but chances are, you will not be able retake your actual day wedding photography in Singapore or anywhere else in the world. This is due to the fact that you cannot reverse time and go back to your wedding ceremony and have the footage (both wedding photography and videography) retaken.

Because of this very reason as well, you need to find a wedding photographer in Singapore who clearly understands your concerns, preferences, and perhaps a little bit of background about how you and your spouse met so that the photographer can suggest unique photo ideas which are unique to you and your spouse!!!

Let us take an example. This is quite cool if the photographer actually tailors your images to your meeting back story so that it will truly feel special – e.g. if you met in school, then you may want to go back to your school to take photos to make it truly magical. (Although this is more for pre wedding photo shoots). If you met each other by chance, you could possibly take photos which depict the element of chance as well!

Or if you are relatively Internet savvy and used the Internet or mobile applications such as Tinder to get together, you may have something interesting! (oops, I have no suggestions for this one, ask your photographer).

But as for actual day wedding photography Singapore, you want to make sure that the photographer knows what kind of angles you prefer, styles you prefer (if any), and if there is any particularly flattering angle of yourself and your spouse which you want the wedding photographer to take more of.

These are  all small little things you need to take note of to make your actual day wedding photography session a wonderful success and with many beautiful images taken that both you and your future spouse will be able to reminisce and admire for generations to come!